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We serve our clients in three main ways.

Business Intelligence

Having extensive sales data is useless without proper analysis. We learn your needs and create the perfect solution for you.

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Data Warehousing

Information is your greatest business asset. We provide the systems that empower you to organize a profitable data warehouse.

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Custom Development

We create customized, web-based applications that integrate seamlessly into your existing IT configuration. All tailored to your goals.

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A Microsoft Partner

We’re proudly aligned with Microsoft to help businesses across the globe achieve more with their data warehouse and business intelligence endeavors.

Our Team

Our team – comprised of experienced, highly-capable consultants – brings a wealth of IT and business experience to the table, giving you trust in our approach. You’ll have confidence that the solutions we build will address your business processes and objectives, as well as the appropriate technical implementation requirements. We’ve delivered time and time again for large clients, and we’re confident we can deliver for you.

Our Approach

The sound use of information (data) by business managers is increasingly becoming a key ingredient for value creation in organizations today. To compete in the present marketplace, companies have to adapt and react faster than ever. In order to accomplish this, businesses need executives and managers who have the ability to proactively identify unmet needs, profit opportunities, emerging customer behaviors, and/or performance anomalies.

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How to Execute Stored Procedures in Entity Framework

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How To Log Scripts In PowerShell

By: Mason Prewett SharePoint & Business Intelligence Consultant @ Key2 Consulting   Useful Logging In PowerShell PowerShell is a powerful language to use when completing repetitive tasks on a system. I usually find myself needing to use PowerShell when I have the following common requirements: Completing large tasks that take a long time to process […]

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