Recounting PASS Summit 2012, Part Two…

The other day, I recapped my first day at SQL PASS Summit 2012. By the second day, Thursday November 08, the time difference from the East Coast to the West Coast was getting to me, so I did not make it to the second keynote; I’ll have to follow up on the recording another time. However, I made it to four sessions during the day, while making sure to be able make it to the Microsoft sponsored event at Seattle’s EMP later that evening.

At the EMP, later in the evening...

Query Tuning Mastery: The Art and Science of Manhandling Parallelism : Thursday November 08, 2012 : 10:15 AM – 11:30 AM
Adam Machanic (Blog / @AdamMachanic)
This session interested me the most even to this day, as I review the recording that was added to the end of the Day 2 Keynote that captured this session. I follow Adam via Twitter so it was great to see the man in person during his presentation, though he was in the big auditorium room where the overflow for the Keynote was held. I would have loved to apply his tuning principles right away, but I’m off to another client that has more ETL needs that SQL tuning, but this would have helped tremendously with a prior client. Who knows? I may find myself there again… Anyway, big tip Adam shared while tuning SQL within SSMS was to do the following:

  • Actual Execution Plan enabled
  • Client statistics enabled
  • Discard results after execution

While it’s best to review the recording as a whole, in short from Adam’s sample files, the APPLY pattern he uses is as such:
–The Parallel APPLY Pattern
FROM [driver set] –< This is where you define your chunks
[correlated payload] –< This is where all of the work is done
) AS x

What to Look for in Execution Plans : Thursday November 08, 2012 : 01:30 PM – 02:45 PM
Grant Fritchey (Blog / @GFritchey)
Grant is another gentleman I follow on Twitter, so again, it was a joy to see the individual in person for his presentation. And after Adam’s session prior to lunch, Grant’s session would reinforce what to look for while examining execution plans. However, I will admit, the past two lunches provided by PASS (Wednesday and Thursday) were very good, and thus it was a challenge to stay totally alert throughout the session. Thankfully, there’s Seattle’s Best coffee waiting outside.

Database Design Throwdown : Thursday November 08, 2012 : 01:30 PM – 02:45 PM
Thomas LaRock (Blog / @SQLRockstar) , Karen Lopez (Blog / @DataChick)
Ahh, the Rockstar versus the DataChick. This was a great session to attend, seeing another pair of Twitter peeps that I follow. It turned out to be SRO (standing room only), so I was glad to have gotten a seat in the room. Tom and Karen via a throwdown session offered two opposing sides of database design issues. Normalization versus not; Nullable versus non-Nullable fields; DBAs versus Developers versus PMs. It was great! The energy was high and helped to keep the audience engaged, educated, and entertained. Plus the coffee beforehand was kicking in, too!

BI Power Hour : Thursday November 08, 2012 : 05:00 PM – 06:15 PM
Matt Masson, Chuck Heinzelman, Matthew Roche, Patrick LeBlanc, Peter Myers, Sean Boon
This was another highlight from Summit 2012. There was lots to learn, especially about hugs and tapping everything. Suffice to say, you had to be there.

After the sessions, the Key2 crew headed out to dinner at Dragonfish Asian Café a block or so from the conference. What can I say? There was Tempura Bacon to be had, and Sake to boot!

And finally, the day ended at EMP While there was SQL Karaoke to be had, one of the highlights was the Icons of Science Fiction exhibit, where this bad boy below can be found.

But the other highlight was the debut of the awesome rock band, the Krooked Keys 2 [Squared]! Follow the link below to watch our one-night only performance. Only true rock fans can appreciate the awesomeness!

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