Recounting PASS Summit 2012, Part Three…

So now we’re at day three of PASS Summit 2012, or at least, my third day.  You can follow these links to see my day one and day two recaps.  The third day, Friday, followed a wonderful Thursday evening at the EMP, and it did not have a key note in the morning.  Still, I made it to the conference for the second session of the day…

Lightning Talks : Friday November 09 : 09:45 AM – 11:00 AM

  • Christian Wade – Is It an Alligator? Is It a Crocodile? No, It’s a Gecko!
  • Edwin Sarmiento (Blog / @EdwinMSarmiento) - Presentation WOW
  • Julie Koesmarno (Blog / @MsSQLGirl)- TRY CATCH in a Nutshell
  • Laerte Junior (Blog / @LaerteSQLDBA) - T-SQL Health Check to Excel in Email in 10 Minutes with PowerShell
  • Neil Hambly (Blog / @Neil_Hambly) – Effective Error Log Parsing

Now this was a treat.  Several presenters doing 10 minute sessions, focusing on the highlights or the important aspects of their topics.  I will admit, I wanted to catch Julie for the most part, as I tried to attend her presentation, “Ready Steady Catch”, a couple weeks back.  I was able to attend initially, but given I was in the office at the time, work duty called, so I could not sit for the entire presentation.  So I made sure to get to her lightning talk.  And really, I’m just a fan.  However, the other speakers were great in their own right.  Christian offered his reptilian take on BI.  Edwin, fellow Filipino extraordinaire, had a very engaging and energetic session on how presenters, no matter the topic, should wow their audiences; you can really tell Edwin rehearsed his presentation many, many times, and it truly showed.  Laerte is a diehard Star Wars fan, adding fandom-inspired humor to his PowerShell demo.  And Neil gave us an abbreviated yet in depth look as parsing the error log.  There was one no-show to the lightning talk session, so Edwin dug up another 10 minute presentation and proceeded to provide another inspired and enlightening talk.

The Key2 Consulting crew took time at lunch to hit the Pike Place Market and had a great lunch at Lowell’s Restaurant.  After a little sightseeing of the Seattle waterfront, it was back for one final session…

Extending SSIS 2012 Reports with Analytics - Friday November 09 : 02:45 PM – 04:00 PM
Patrick LeBlanc (Blog / @PatrickDBA )

Patrick ended up co-presenting with Julie Koesmarno for his session on SSIS 2012.  Really, though, he made Julie do all the work.  The bum!  All kidding aside, Patrick is a great fellow who I follow on Twitter and is the man behind SQLLunch.comNo fluff, just stuff. Now, he’s a Microsoft guy, having been a part of Thursday’s BI Power Hour.  But watching Patrick in person is a must see for those who have only listened to him from or other online sessions.  If you’re late to his session, he’ll pick on you, for sure.  But aside from levity, Patrick and Julie both offer thier seasoned views on taking data from the Cloud via SSIS 2012 and consolidating the analytic data now available via SSIS 2012.

After the session, the Key2 crew headed off from Summit 2012 to take in the latest James Bond flick, capping off a great PASS Summit 2012 experience.  The rest of the crew has either a redeye or early Saturday AM flight back to Atlanta, while my flight was not until 11 AM on Saturday morning.  Next year, PASS Summit 2013 will be closer to home in Charlotte, NC.  Hope to be there again to learn, to network, and have some fun.  Thanks for reading!

Just my two and a half cents…

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