Integration Services EzAPI Updated to Support SQL 2012

Just got word from Matt Masson on the SSIS development team that EzAPI has been updated to support SQL 2012.  This is greate news!  I have been using EzAPI for the last couple of months and I am very satisfied with it as an API for SSIS that allows me to focus on solving the problems I need to solve rather than getting hung up on the nuances of the SSIS COM objects and and wrappers.  If I need access to something that is not supported by EzAPI (Package Configurations, for example), I can just cast as a Package object and use the standard API and convert back to EzPackage when I finish.

Get the bits here (note, looks like you will need to compile the DLL yourself).  For now, click the link to download Change Set 86517.


Matt Masson posted the change list to the SSIS Team Blog:


  • Task and Component IDs updated for SQL 2012
    • For 2005/2008 support, please use a previous version of the code
  • Project upgraded to .NET 4
  • EzProject – SSIS 2012 Project object model support
  • Project Connection Manager support
  • EzScript – Script Task support
  • EzSrcDestMultiStreamPackage – new package template
  • EzLookup – new TreatDuplicateKeysAsError property
  • EzFileSystemTask – fixed multiple properties
  • EzActiveXScript – Removed as it is no longer supported in SQL 2012

Also, it looks like this release only works against 2012.  If you need SQL 2008, you will need the older version.

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