Business Intelligence Solutions Tailored for the Public Sector

At Key2 Consulting, we understand the public sector is faced with business intelligence challenges that are similar to those faced in the private sector.The scale is often much larger in the public sector, which typically adds complexities to certain issues and situations. Additionally, the public sector is not profit driven, so evaluating financial performance entails managing budgets and costs. Business intelligence can play a vital role in providing insight into these measures. We at Key2 Consulting have experience in delivering these requirements, and we understand that compliance to policy and data security is of utmost importance.

Our knowledge and expertise empowers us to deliver a unique solution extremely quickly, no matter the vastness of the scale and scope.  Here are some examples of how Key2 Consulting has delivered:

 Manage and maintain ETL operations involving varied data domains, hundreds of tables, and terabytes of data

 Developed a custom data replication process to move data to research groups across the country

 Utilize the latest Microsoft BI and SQL Server technologies for several agencies, almost as soon as they were made available by Microsoft

 Partner with Microsoft Customer Advisory Teams (MS CAT) to work on the latest SQL Server and provide feedback to those teams

 Integrate and manage SharePoint across many server farms, with built-in Kerberos and Active Directory (AD) security features for team collaboration and reporting

 Perform corporate deployments and integrations, while accounting for scale and security

 Create powerful Analysis Services’ cubes that empower our customers to slice and dice their data

 Develop large, complex dashboards using Pyramid Analytics and Reporting Services to meet the specific needs of our customers

Utilize a Solution Tailored for the Public Sector

Are you in the public sector and interested in implementing or customizing a BI solution? Whether your organization is a local, state or national agency, Key2 can partner with your team and provide a solution that fits your specific needs. Let us help you make the most out of your data.