With over $425 billion in total nominal spending on medicines in the US last year, it’s no surprise that most pharmaceutical companies have invested in sound business intelligence systems and practices to best manage their organizations.

Does your pharmaceutical company lack an effective business intelligence solution? Utilizing an outstanding BI solution will help you make better business decisions based on factual data. Additionally, Microsoft’s popular collaboration technology, Sharepoint, can help distribute that important information to everyone in your company.

Have you ever wondered:

Are we getting accurate sales numbers from our systems?

 Can we improve our sales by making sound business decisions based on factual data?

Is our company utilizing Sharepoint effectively? Is it being kept current and fully functional?

Can we streamline the various workflows in our company, like invoice approval, rebate approval, change request, and employee hire/termination workflows?

Could we benefit from a custom solution for a specialized business process?

Can we integrate our systems using concepts such as Single-Sign On (SSO)?

Utilize a BI Solution Tailored to the Pharma Industry

We at Key2 Consulting have experience in the pharmaceutical industry, as we’ve successfully completed several projects dealing with the above questions for multiple pharma companies and have seen the benefits a sound BI solution can bring.

If you’re considering implementing or customizing a new or existing solution, or if you have any questions, simply fill out the form and we’ll be in touch shortly. We’d love to have a conversation.