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Company / About

Here’s our mission and how it may be relevant to you.

Key2 Consulting was founded with one mission in mind – to help businesses like yours get the most out of your data.

Since our inception nearly 10 years ago, we have seen the data warehousing and business intelligence landscape change drastically. Today, outstanding data analytics is all about speed, accuracy, and reliability. It is our mission to help you optimize yours.

We come to you as business-minded first, and IT-minded second.

What many tech consulting firms lack is the ability to solve your needs from a business perspective, not just an IT perspective. Our business acumen enables us to understand your business goals and objectives. We then craft solutions that are customized precisely to that understanding.

Our Team

We are a team that prides itself on above and beyond delivery and service. Our team collectively has over 100+ years of consulting experience with business intelligence and data warehousing tools.