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We understand that discovering new ways to lower labor costs is a key priority for your manufacturing company.


From a business intelligence/data standpoint, there are two great tools that can be utilized to do so:

Platforms like Kronos Workforce Analytics

Internet of Things (IoT) / Big Data

As an operational executive or manager, you need accurate insight into your workforce in order to determine ways to improve productivity. This insight is frequently determined at granular levels, like the productivity of each individual for each day. You need answers to questions like:

✓ Was the team able to work the entire shift without any downtime? If there was downtime, why?

✓ What activities is the team completing? How long does each activity take?

✓ Is there a bottleneck in the process?

✓ If your company has multiple plants, how does the output of one plant compare to another? Why is one performing better?

We also understand that machinery is a key variable in the manufacturing cost equation you’re dealing with. Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things) have become significant factors in this equation. Machine sensors have allowed Big Data to step into the manufacturing industry, helping companies increase their productivity by arming them with valuable data captured and monitored by their machines. Over 80 percent of manufacturers were utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technologies or were planning to do so in 2015. That statistic makes it clear that machine data has become an extremely valuable asset for manufacturing companies.


If you need assistance with your business intelligence or data warehouse systems, we can help. We’re very experienced in exracting data from ERP systems (and time management systems) and loading it into a reporting solution that provides the essential KPIs necessary to manage your manufacturing operation.