Is your retail organization getting the most out of its business intelligence?

We can create a custom business intelligence solution that will help you get answers to these questions:

  • How can I verify that my new hires are I-9 compliant?
  • Can I audit my timesheets accurately and in a timely manner?
  • Can I also deal with state specific employment regulations for stores that are in that state?
  • Is it possible to see my organization as a single entity and drill-down in order to compare productivity between stores?

We will bring your data together

We can help you overcome the confusion and inefficiencies of sloppy reporting by bringing your data together. Once your systems are integrated, we can create and deliver an analytics solution custom-fit to your specific needs and business objectives.

You can have confidence in our experience

We have experience dealing with all of the above and have worked with our clients to tailor solutions to their specific enterprises. We also have years of experience with Kronos Workforce Management, along with multiple retail POS systems like NCR Aloha. We’ve also assisted our clients in ensuring their labor force is compliant under federal law. Doing so has become a top priority for companies across the country, as the federal government has increased fines for non-compliance.

Your retail organization can get the most out of its business intelligence.

We can help you get answers to the questions above and then some. We can improve your existing solution or we can deliver an entirely new solution for you from scratch. Your unique needs and goals are at the center of the design.

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