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How Your Business Intelligence Solution
Should Work

  1. Proper Systems Arrangement: First, your systems should be properly arranged so that you have seamless access to clean and reliable data.

  3. Transform Data to Information: Once you have access to clean data, you should transform it into meaningful information.

  5. The Right Context for Your Information: You should then place that information in a context that is conducive to the decision you’re going to make.

  7. Add “Timeliness” to Your Information: Lastly, you want to focus on the timeliness of your information, which will enable smarter decision making.

Are you working with Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most popular business intelligence products on the planet. Users are able to take their data and visualize it in many exciting and powerful ways – all to help glean more insights and tell better data-driven stories.

Our company is a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, and we have years of experience helping organizations get the most out Power BI. Our work includes helping companies architect, build, and implement a new Power BI instance, as well as helping optimize and refine existing Power BI instances.

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Key2 Consulting is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
A sample Power BI Dashboard created by Key2 Consulting
Power BI dashboard example

Outstanding business intelligence is about your organization giving the right people seamless access to the right information at the right time, empowering them to make an informed business decision.

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Power BI Dashboard Example

Power BI Dashboard Example

This Power BI dashboard example will help you learn more about the powerful analytics platform and what goes into creating a great dashboard!

Maximize Your Business Intelligence

We can help you design, create, and implement a new business intelligence solution or revamp an existing one.  

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