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Solutions / Microsoft / Reporting Services (SSRS)

Reporting Services is a high-performing, SQL service that can be used to deliver robust reports to your end users.

How Reports Are Delivered

Reporting Services has a built-in report server that can host all of your reports, or it can be installed directly to be integrated into your SharePoint environment. You can schedule a report to be run and emailed to your users in a desired format. Once your Reporting Services reports are deployed to the report server, they can be easily integrated into your custom websites.


The reports themselves offer the ability to authenticate your data using the user’s credentials or by using a single identity, requiring less direct database permissions. The report server also offers custom permissions, giving you the ability to control access to the reports you create.


We’ve worked with Reporting Services since its first version. We’re constantly reviewing the latest versions to grow our knowledge of new features and functionalities. We’ve worked with many clients to install and maintain small-to-large scale Reporting Services instances within their environments.

Whether it’s creating a simple report that displays rows of data, or developing a complex dashboard to deliver enterpise overviews, our highly skilled developers can customize reports to craft the perfect presentation that gives your end users access to the vital data they need. We can also dive deep into your report inventory to provide an overview of your content and trends over time.

Reporting Services Development Tools

Visual Studio

Empowers your team to collaborate on Reporting Services development projects and deploy multiple reports with one click.

Report Builder

Allows end users to develop and deploy Reporting Services reports in an environment similar to Microsoft Office.