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Specific Areas Our SharePoint Consultants Can Help You With


SharePoint Installations & Migrations

  • Meet with your key business stakeholders to understand scope of the new SharePoint installation
  • Document your current environment and tailor the new SharePoint environment to meet your budget and performance needs
  • Fine-tune the backend to ensure high uptime for your new environment
  • Utilize your company’s current hardware to its fullest extent and keep new hardware or components to a minimum to reduce costs
  • Ability to migrate from SharePoint on-premise to Microsoft’s cloud solution via SharePoint online

Custom SharePoint Development

  • Our SharePoint consultants will use the latest coding, development technologies, and languages to ensure your SharePoint environment is as seamless as possible.
  • Use of latest .NET framework, Java, Javascript, SQL, and HTML best practices
  • Ability to create custom web applications that can be used for internal business operations or customer facing endeavors
  • Custom permissions designed to protect your companies most sensitive data
  • Custom stats and usage trends for your environment that give you the clearest view of how your environment is being used

System Documentation & User Training

  • Provide thorough documentation of entire SharePoint environment, including: server configurations, networking, permissions, current custom solutions, and any other system info that is highly important for IT professionals at your company to have it at the ready
  • Train all level of users on the functionalities in SharePoint that will add the most value to their day to day to work
  • Host training workshops on a variety of relevant SharePoint topics and common pitfalls
  • Provide other IT professionals with advanced training so knowledge transfer can be quick and thorough.

Today’s Most Common SharePoint Issues

– Lack of SharePoint expertise

– Concern regarding who will be the admin of the system

– Not having the development resources to customize SP to suit business needs

– Poor user adoption due to lack of in-house SP training

– Urgent need to upgrade to current SharePoint to a newer version

The Current State of SharePoint

SharePoint has matured into a massively scalable solution for content management, inter-company collaboration, and custom develop web applications since its inception in 2001. The product can adapt to both the simplest and most complex environments. Microsoft Office Suite familiarity comes with it, as iconic products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are baked into SharePoint’s interface right out of the box.


With our help, you can own and utilize a SharePoint solution that is designed perfectly to empower you and your team to reach our business goals.