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The Importance of Great BI

The goal of business intelligence is simple: to empower your organization to make wise, data-driven operational and strategic decisions in a timely manner. Great BI systems and processes have never been more important for a business’s success, especially larger ones. Did you know data-driven companies are over 20 times more likely to acquire more customers? (source)

Knowing this, executing the right strategies and using optimal tools are paramount to navigating today’s common business intelligence challenges, such as large data volumes, disparate data sources, multiple analytics needs, staying agile in a business environment with constant change, and so on.

Our Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Our team has helped many organizations achieve great BI success by defining a strategy and recommending a set of tools/technologies that meet each of our client’s unique needs.

While no two solutions are the same, they all share an intuitive roadmap:

1. Strategic Data Architecture

Sound BI starts with timely access to accurate and reliable data. While your data sources may not be in one location, big data tools allow for the right mix of structured, semi-structured, and even non-structured data to be seamlessly acquired and easily accessible in a centralized cloud storage repository.

2. Transform Data Into Information

Once you have easy access to your raw data, the next step is to unleash its potential by transforming it into meaningful information. Your specific analytical requirements will drive the extent of transformation as well as the methodology (ELT vs ETL, batch vs streaming, etc.).

3. The Right Context for Your Information

Next, that information is placed in a context that is conducive to decision support. The information must be meaningful and actionable for every decision maker across the enterprise. Modern BI and analytics platforms provide extensive capabilities in visualization, dashboarding, benchmarking, forecasting, predicting, and more. Choosing an analytics platform that meets both current and future needs is pivotal to success.

4. Add Timeliness to Your Information

You also want to focus on the timeliness of your information, which will enable smarter and faster decisions. Certain workloads can tolerate batch processing while others may require streaming for real-time analytics. Cloud-based big data platforms leverage in-memory compute resources to efficiently perform batch and streaming data refreshes.

5. Don’t Forget About Security

Protecting your data from internal and external vulnerabilities is a component that must be factored into both your analytics strategy and toolset. Key2 Consulting has experience delivering cloud-based BI solutions that proactively address security as well as compliance requirements.

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Is your organization looking to stand up a modern BI solution? Do you feel your existing solution can benefit from one or more of the above principles? Our organization can help you craft a strategy that incorporates these concepts to maximize analytical insight. Start leveraging our business intelligence consulting services today.

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