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What is Azure SQL?

Azure SQL is a cloud database service that uses the familiar SQL Server database engine. The service is comprised of several cloud platforms, including Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines.

Each of these platforms have utility for different scenarios and objectives. Let’s take a quick look at each of them.

Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database is a fully-managed service that is always kept up-to-date and serverless. This means the databases are automatically updated and backed up, scalable based on workload, and assured to have high availability.

Azure SQL Managed Instance (SQL MI)

Azure SQL Managed Instance is the compromise between on-premises and the cloud. SQL MI supports almost all the on-premises capabilities, such as SQL Agent and cross-database operations. The platform provides the ability to pause compute resources and define maintenance windows. For organizations moving to Azure but not interested in creating Azure VMs and installing SQL Server or eschewing the comfortable on-premise constructs, SQL MI might be the best choice.

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines allows organizations to use SQL Server without limitations and without maintaining on-premise hardware. You can manage operating system-level access (Windows or Linux), so installing supporting software is possible.


How We Can Help You Maximize Azure SQL

Are you looking to migrate from on-premise SQL Server or SQL Server in AWS? We can help! Our team is experienced with the different methods of migrating databases between on-premise and the cloud, such as…

Azure SQL Migration

This extension for Azure Data Studio allows organizations to move from an on-premise SQL Server to Azure SQL Database, SQL MI, or SQL Server on Azure VMs. The interface includes recommendations for appropriately-sized and powered instances at no cost.

Azure Migrate

This is an Azure service that allows for the migration of infrastructure, such as servers, applications, and databases. Databases can be migrated via the integrated Database Migration Service (DMS). Although Azure SQL Migration uses the DMS as well as Azure Migrate, it is accessed via the Azure Portal. The offering includes pre-migration steps, such as checking database compatibility and helping “right-size” your compute and storage options.

Alternative Methods

There are other migration options, such as Azure Data Factory, replication, SQL Data Sync, and Bulk Copy (BCP). For larger data sets, organizations have Azure Data Box as a method for moving terabytes or even petabytes to the cloud. These are effective methods for moving data but they can’t assess existing databases and make recommendations for Azure resources.

Choosing the Right Method

Selecting the migration method or Azure SQL offering that best suits your organization can be daunting. At Key2, our years of experience working with SQL Server coupled with our deep experience in Azure help us direct you through the decision-making process.

Note that Azure provides utilities (or assistants) to help guide you through the method selection process. This includes analyzing for compatibility with Azure SQL and finding items that might block migration to the new version of SQL Server in the cloud. In addition, these assistants can help generate “right-sized” recommendations.

Furthermore, Azure SQL Migration and Azure Migrate help collect performance data from the source and will suggest appropriate compute and storage configurations.

While these insights are useful, organizations often still have questions or their teams might lack the knowledge to decipher these insights. That’s where our company can help!

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