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We can help your healthcare organization maximize its data analytics investment.

Why Sound Healthcare Analytics Matters

Healthcare organizations manage myriad forms of data, and in massive quantities. These types of data include clinical data (like electronic health records, claims data, administrative data, and so on) and data pertinent to any business or organization. The COVID-19 pandemic has only added to the amount and types of data healthcare organizations are tasked with managing and optimizing.

Properly collecting and organizing this data, and then properly building solutions that optimize the utility and value of this data, is critical to driving the best patient outcomes and financial success of the organization.

What Great Healthcare Analytics Solutions Do

An excellent healthcare analytics solution should help you:

  • improve patient outcomes and organizational efficiency by empowering report users with actionable information that can be used to make better decisions.
  • create dashboards, metrics, and performance measures that can be utilized across departments to improve business processes, employee performance, and to score company effectiveness
  • better plan budget requirements for projects and initiatives
  • better forecast sales, margins, profitability, gains, losses, and more
  • better avoid employees unknowingly wasting their time creating duplicate and/or inaccurate reports

Healthcare Analytics Consulting – Client Example

Our company has helped many organizations in both the public and private healthcare space, including assisting with one of the largest big data analytics implementations in the nation.

It serves over 50,000 users and encompasses multiple petabytes of data. The hybrid implementation leverages on-prem storage solutions centered around SQL Server as well as cloud tools such as Azure Data Lake, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks, Power BI and many others.

Maximize Your Healthcare Analytics

We can help you get the most out of your data analytics investment. Our team has years of experience helping both large and small healthcare companies optimize their analytics and BI, including working with one of the largest health organizations in the United States.

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