Microsoft Announces a Power BI Angular Component

August 17, 2021
Microsoft just recently announced a Power BI component for Angular, Google's popular open-source web application framework. Learn more.
Power BI Bubble Map Visual

By: Brad Lathrop

Google’s open-source web application framework, Angular, has seen tremendous success since its initial release in the fall of 2016. The platform is now the fourth most used web framework among developers globally.

Knowing this, it’s no surprise that Microsoft has just announced a Power BI Angular component. The component “lets you easily embed your Power BI reports, dashboards and more into your Angular web application” according to Microsoft’s official announcement.

This is welcomed news for Angular developers. The ability to embed Power BI assets like reports, dashboards, and visuals into web and mobile applications will only enhance developers’ abilities to create highly useful apps.

Power BI Bubble Map Visual

A Power BI bubble map visual

You can access the new Power BI component on Github here. It’s also available on npm.

Microsoft has also kindly done people a favor by creating a demo application to see how the new component works. You can find that demo application here.



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