By: Jason E. Bacani

Happy Summer 2019! The heat is on in the greater Atlanta metro area, and Key2 Consulting has had another exciting and productive quarter here. Second quarter 2019 started off in late March with a post (written by me) that provided you with some steps to chain SQL Server Agent Jobs:

April 2019

April opened up with the release of our first ever eBook, written by Danny Piña, titled, “SSIS Design Principles You May Not Be Taking Advantage Of…But Should Be!”. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can do so here.

Key2 Consulting SSIS Design Principles Cover Page Image

The month continued with a very useful PowerShell tool from Mason Prewett that allows folks to view their file system using the popular task automation framework from Microsoft:
At the end of April, we took a look at Hadoop and how to install it on a Linux VM on Windows 10, brought to you by Jeff Levy:
Wrapping up the month of April, our talented team got together at Pampas Steakhouse to celebrate the first ever Key2 Oskeys Awards. The Oskeys was presented by our leadership team to Key2 associates contributing to this great blog of ours. Notable awards were given out!




May 2019

The month of May allowed us to not only celebrate Monther’s Day, but to also celebrate the release of the third movie, John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. And also in May, our Key2 App Dev guru, Phillip Sharpless, provided us with a great overview of managing JavaScript modules with webpack:

June 2019

June may have meant school is out in much of the metro Atlanta area, but the learning never stops at Key2 Consulting. Paul Schuliger continued the learning and sharing trend by following up on his past SQL Server Window Function blog post on ROW_NUMBER() with a look at LEAD():
And to wrap up the Spring, Mike Pierre-Louis delivered some practical PowerShell and PowerBI knowledge with, “How to Manage Power BI with PowerShell – An Example”.

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